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Campaign Brief recognises and showcases the great work that is being produced in the region with The Work 2022 Contenders…

The C-Suite: Put A Jab On The Menu

Creative Agency: The C-Suite

Heckler Sound


Heckler, alongside The C-Suite and hospitality’s most renowned chefs and restaurateurs, teamed up to create a powerful TVC. By appealing to their fellow Aussies to get vaccinated, the hospitality heavyweights hoped to save the fate of their industry.


Played across all major national radio stations in Australia and having received a best Ads nomination, #PutAJabOnTheMenu was created by multiple chefs remotely. Each chef conveyed their personal struggle, the challenges they faced during lockdowns and the impact to their industry.


Heckler Sound crafted the somber music for the campaign, Jazz drums were performed by Gordon Rytmeister and composed and arranged by Johnny Green to glue the narrative together. The drums were recorded remotely out of Gordon’s home studio via Zoom and composed and arranged at Heckler Sound.

On Running: Black Ice

Production Company: Hungry Man (UK)

Heckler Sound


Black Ice is a short film created for Swiss sports brand On Running that shares the story of Ghanian Akwasi Frimpong, Africa’s one and only Olympic Skeleton racer. Responsible for Post production, Heckler alongside Heckler Sound, worked with creative agency Hungry Man to produce this short film that was released in January 2022. A tale of true resilience, bravery and the human spirit, it captured Akwasi’s journey, and his devastating inability to compete in the Olympics when he contracted Covid.


Embodying a real life graphic novel instead of using a traditional script, the short film features intercutting hand drawn images with live shots, and is presented in a chronological sequence from Akwasi’s childhood until present day.

Alpro: Greenwash

Creative Agency: VMLY&R

Heckler Sound


Heckler Sound and The Glue Society teamed up with Alpro and VMLY&R to herald Earth Day. This campaign kicked off a 365 day campaign to drive awareness to stop greenwashing. The striking film highlights the trivialisation of sustainability issues and reminds audiences to be conscious of protecting earth everyday rather than just on Earth Day.