Heckler has recently expanded its capabilities to encompass a music and sound department, creating a coalescence between production, post and sound.


As an eleven year veteran of the company, Law was the natural choice to head up the new studio alongside creative director Johnny Green and its roster of talented composers and sound designers. Law will be responsible for driving new business opportunities for the division as well as scouting new talent.


With seven years experience as an executive producer, Law has worked with an impressive lineup of clients including Hyundai, Lexus, Tiger Beer, NRMA and Latitude. The studio’s new client remit is equally impressive, with clients including Coca-Cola, Mercedes, Lexus, KPMG and Belong.


Says Law: “I’m thrilled to have made the shift to Sound. Anyone who knows me, knows music is my passion. I love Heavy Metal, New Wave, Rock n Roll and Pop. I have known Johnny for many years and I’m excited to be working with him in a newly renovated studio in my favourite building, Paramount House.”


Says Green: “Bonnie and I have known each other for a number of years and I absolutely knew she would be a  perfect fit. Her passion for music and production experience are in equal measure and we’ve hit the ground running. Very excited to have her join the studio.”


Notably, Law also became a first time mum this year. Her baby daughter Martha regularly pops into the studio for visits.


Heckler Sound occupies the lower level of the iconic Paramount House, Surry Hills. For new project inquiries or to organise a studio visit, please contact bonnie@hecklersound.tv