Article originally from: https://campaignbrief.com/heckler-sound-celebrates-its-first-birthday/

Heckler Sound is celebrating its first birthday. Year one for the specialty venture proved highly successful, with a roster of talented local and international artists spanning multiple music genres, working with an array of agencies, production companies and direct to client.

Experts at their craft, Heckler Sound provides the music and sound for film, television, digital and sonic branding. The studio is celebrating an ever expanding roster of composers, sound artists, and a diverse portfolio of clients. Heckler Sound operates in collaboration with Heckler, but also independently, working on campaigns with other major production companies and agencies to provide standalone sound and music, creating their own brand identity.


The driving force behind Heckler Sound is talented trio Johnny Green (partner/creative director), Dave Robertson (senior sound designer) and Bonnie Law (executive producer). The three combined, are a powerhouse with exemplary skill sets, who provide a world-class sound facility providing their clients outstanding musical and audio outcomes.


Says Law: “Transitioning to the music side from visual has been like a lightning bolt for me. Music has always been my passion, so switching to Sound has been an exciting turning point in my professional life. Johnny is a musical genius. I am astounded at his range. I am very lucky working with him and Dave, who are among the best in the industry. I really enjoy scouting fresh talent; it’s super rewarding. This year has seen Johnny come off the tools a little more to give rise to our growing roster of musicians. He’s still very much composing but also creatively overseeing and working on the business side of things.


“In our first year we have been moving into sonic branding, with six major brands under our belt. We are currently working on a big scale direct to client project, arranging parts to be recorded by an orchestra. Covid has taught us that we can work remotely with both local and international agencies, although we definitely still enjoy sessions attended in our suites.”


Says Green: “Servicing the industry (alongside Heckler and operating as an independent entity) has been a rewarding experience for Heckler Sound. Establishing strong new relationships as well as seeing familiar faces visit our studios is how we cut our cloth in our first year. We’ve had overwhelming positive feedback on the benefits of streamlining our services internally and proven ourselves to be a force as an independent entity. Our roster of talent is unique and our own, as we continue to selectively add to our growing specialist roster.”


In just 12 months Heckler Sound has completed 114 jobs for 42 agencies / clients, so it has been a whirlwind to say the very least.


Heckler Sound occupies the Lower Ground level of the iconic Paramount House in Surry Hills, Sydney.