Will Alexander on Heckler’s Status as the Number One Post House in AUZ

This article first appeared on LBB Online.

Little Black Book prides itself on celebrating creativity. With the Immortal Awards in place to showcase the best work from around the world regardless of category and a running league table, LBB is encouraging the creation of commercial creativity.

Early this year, it was announced that Heckler was the number one post house in Australia within the Immortal Rankings.

It’s a feat of excellence, inspired by the work done by the team. Some of the work that Heckler is most proud of from the last year include, Movember, Shift 20 Initiative with Dylan Alcott, Super Rugby, and Menulog.

LBB’s Casey Martin spoke to Heckler’s co-founder, Will Alexander, about enhancing the craft of post production through uplifting creative ideas.

LBB> First of all, congratulations! How do moments like this affect the morale of the creative teams?

Will> Although ultimately everything is a team effort, in post a lot of the time the teams are working individually on their own shots for a significant period. Post can be a very individualistic mission – when you are working at a micro level on very specific project elements. To see the whole project come together at the end, and to reflect on everyone’s work as one, is a great moment. And, because post is the final step in completing a campaign or film, we get to see the final results first. It’s like baking a cake and pulling it out hot from the oven! To then see our work recognised at the Immortal Awards is the cherry on top and it just really brings the teams together to feel a part of something bigger.

LBB> In your opinion, what do you believe it takes for a team to be awarded for their creative craft?

Will> What the teams do is highly technical, but a lot of that can be taught — what it really takes is an emotional investment to be relentless about the craft and to really care for the work and the ultimate output. That’s where we really start to see the work shine and the teams awarded.

LBB> What does it take for craft to transcend its local market?

Will> I think Australia has always punched above its weight in the global arena. You only have to look at the work of Aussie directors Steve Rogers and Kim Gehrig to see how they have consistently set the bar high for the rest of us. Ultimately, it comes from original thinking and the more we lean into the culture around us, the more the work stands out and becomes interesting and different on a global level.

LBB> What do you look for in the work?

Will> For us it’s about elevating ideas and asking ourselves: how can Heckler’s artists uplift a creative idea? It’s all about how we bring our artistry, technical and creative skills together to take great ideas to the next level. 

LBB> What is a piece of advice or something that you’ve learnt from entering creative work into awards that you’d like to pass on to others?

Will> Just because it’s not ‘big’, it doesn’t mean it’s not worthy. Sometimes the smallest of projects have the most craft weaved into every stage of the project, from the idea to the execution. It might not feel like it, but not all work needs to change the world and we can celebrate the big and the small!

Through all my years of judging, I’ve recognised that no level of craft will save a smelly idea. It all starts with a great idea. Lastly, I’m a strong believer that good ideas can come from anywhere so if you love it, and believe in it, get behind it!