A Deeper VFX Dive Into Our Latest Downy Campaign

Recently Heckler Singapore launched the Downy Lancome Campaign. A project this complex is a technical process, pulling together the skills of many teams and departments. Often we publish the finished output. This is what the world sees, when in reality none of the gloss would be possible without the granular efforts of very talented individuals throughout every phase.

Below we dissect the creative challenges and the VFX technical requirements in developing the simulated cloud land that is the Downy Lancome campaign.

VFX Breakdown:

Our hero is transported to a world of soft, dreamy clouds, all thanks to her fabric softener. As she noticed how soft her towel had become after being washed with Downy Pure Cotton, it transformed into a beautiful bed made of clouds before her eyes. The softness was palpable, and the visual effects team did an excellent job of making it appear and feel authentic.

The main challenge for the VFX team was to design the clouds in a way that captured the essence of softness while not being restricted to a realistic scale. The clouds were sculpted using Houdini and VDB modelling, and the team focused on the idea of a cloud-ball concept, making it appear as if the clouds were made of small spheres that interacted with the hero.

Based on these small spheres, the team used a combination of simulation techniques and hand animation to bring the cloud-balls to life. The movement of the clouds was critical in creating the sensation of softness within the fabric, and the team did an excellent job of it.

The final piece of the puzzle was the comp work itself, which tied everything together and enhanced the sense of light and brightness, making the environment even more beautiful. The transitions were seamless, and the lighting bouncing off the clouds was perfect.
In conclusion, the visual effects team did an excellent job.

The cloud-ball concept was novel and inventive, and it worked exceptionally well in creating the illusion of fabric made of clouds. The animation, simulation techniques, and comp work were all superbly executed, combining to create an enchanting world of softness and beauty.