Heckler and Heckler Sound Team Up on ‘There’s Something In The Water’ Super Rugby Pacific 2024 Season Campaign

Award-winning hotshops Heckler and Heckler Sound have teamed up on an action-packed new Rugby Australia and New Zealand Rugby campaign that celebrates the 2024 season of Super Rugby Pacific

Heckler touched down on the post and edit whilst Heckler Sound produced the sound design on ‘There’s Something In The Water’, an underwater ode to the spirit and athleticism of 24 Super Rugby Pacific players from 12 teams.

Written and directed by Richard Bullock at Revolver, the campaign proves players are just as powerful underwater as they are on the field. The spot was edited by Shots Asia Pacific Editor of the Year, Heckler’s Andrew Holmes.

Heckler co-founder and executive creative director Jamie Watson says, “It was a privilege to work on this visually powerful spot that promotes the wonderful talents of our Super Rugby South Pacific players.

“Working with such great footage of players crashing into the water at high speed, the job was always going to look spectacular. Our role was ensuring the players were grounded in the ocean, and we worked closely with Richard and DoP Stefan José to achieve this vision.”

Heckler Sound head of sound Dave Robertson says, “From a sound perspective, these films were a joy to work on from start to finish. The visually stunning Super Rugby Pacific campaign created an opportunity to get really adventurous with sound design, giving us the ability to play with tone and speed as the shots weave in and out of the water with the players.

“Set on the backdrop of a recording of Pacific Island players singing a hymn post- match, the final mix with Richard came together beautifully, working in concert with the visceral cinematic style.”

The campaign has launched in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

View the campaign here: