Heckler’s Andrew Holmes wins ‘Editor of The Year’ at Shots Asia Pacific

Andrew Holmes has picked up ‘Editor of the Year’ along with two Gold Awards for Best Film Craft Editing at the Shots Asia Pacific Awards. The award show celebrates the most inspirational, creative work from the APAC region.


Holmes says: “I am so excited, humbled, but mostly incredibly proud, to be named ‘Editor of the Year’ by Shots Asia Pacific. Last week was nothing short of monumental, securing not one, but two Gold Awards for ‘Best Editing’. It’s testament to the amazing collaborations myself and Heckler have had over the past 12-15 months, which I am very grateful for.


“As an artist, it’s always nice to be recognised for your craft, but what truly fuels me is the next opportunity. I am constantly on the lookout for new and exciting projects to collaborate with innovative directors and artists. I consider myself incredibly lucky to have a career that aligns so perfectly with my passions.”


The Gold winning work included Vodafone campaign ‘The Smart Network’, directed by Kyra Bartley, and short film Heaven+Hell, which saw Holmes team up with director Anthony Capristo.


For Vodafone, the spot’s structure was built around the theory that time is relative, using the words of the famous physicist Stephen Hawking to highlight the pace of change and the way time flows at different speeds.


View Vodafone ‘The Smart Network’: https://vimeo.com/722749644


Holmes says: “Kyra and I had so much fun experimenting in the edit suite, always shifting and changing imagery, pace variations and match cut transitions. Because we were exploring the theory of time and space, finding a rhythm and flow was really important, and using sound design to put emphasis on specific cuts.


“Working with mixed media also added another layer of complexity, but it also allowed us to be more creative with our selections and cutting style. Both Kyra and I are obsessed over crafting films that are inspiring, so being able to use our skills on a global stage was really special.”


When it came to Heaven+Hell, Holmes explains the inspiration for the film came from Capristo.


View Heaven+Hell film: https://vimeo.com/739797586


“Anthony approached me with the idea of creating a film that embodied the words ‘love’ and ‘insanity’. The structure was built around contrast, light and shade, and we loved the idea of exploring different emotions, and how they might look in an editorial sense.


“It was very much an organic process, which was constantly evolving, staying fresh and exciting.

These creative film projects are always so refreshing. One of the things I crave most as a creative person is space, having room for experimentation. It’s giving an idea time to breathe. I also love that these film projects give you the opportunity to collaborate with a wider variety of directors and artists.”